Maintenance Tips for Your Motorcycle

Maintenance Tips for Your Motorcycle

Motorcycle maintenance is vital to make sure that your bike is regularly in great shape. If you neglect regular maintenance, some parts of your bike will deteriorate a lot, and you have to buy the best motorbike exhaust system from time to time. This can also lead to broken parts and you’ll spend more money in the long run. Motorcycle maintenance is also a perfect precaution to think about when planning a long ride. Therefore in this post, we will guide you with these tips to help you take care of your motorcycle.

Change and Replace Oil

engineThe oil change is crucial to your bike´s correct functioning. For starters, if your bike has some aluminum parts like the exhaust, then you need to pay attention to it. You can use aluminum foil or whatever you are comfortable with. After this time, you may notice that the oil inside the engine has reduced its viscosity and drains more easily.

Put something underneath the cap to collect the oil. At this time also reach your oil filter, it can also be an additional important thing to care for the bike. If the bike is out of oil, it’s time to use a new filter and put oil in. Also, be sure to put in the type of oil your bike needs. Some people like to replace the oil cap at this time; this is up to you.

Clean the Filters

This motorcycle maintenance has a direct effect on your bike´s performance. The air filter works by maintaining the engine free of dirt. Once clogged, your bike’s throttle is responding minimally, and the reaction diminishes greatly. The only drawback while changing the air filter is that you have to remove important pieces to get to it. In some cases, you might even have to get beneath the gas tank to reach it. But once you get to it, the replacement process is easy. The fresh air filter will make your bike work better. You will realize the difference between the before and the after, especially in the throttle reaction.

Check Tire Pressure and Tread

motorbike tireChecking the tire pressure is something you need to do often. Every time you check the air, it would be good to check the valve that regulates the air as well. By making sure no air comes out, it is a sure way not to inflate them. This is practically essential for long trips. Also, check the tread of the tires for these are crucial for the maintenance of your bike.

To do this, just place a coin in between the lines and check the height is ok. It makes difference when it comes to grip, and grip makes driving a different experience.

Keep the Chain Clean

This is just one important thing about bike maintenance. Cleaning the chain is not a normal thing, but it is necessary to clean it because it is too clogged with sand or dirt. The procedure is not difficult at all it is much easier than the other items. To do this, you need a soft-bristled brush that won’t damage the series but can wash away the most ingrained dirt. Once the chain is completely clean, you need to lubricate it. This lubrication process can be crucial to the maintenance of the bike and will create a coating on the inside of the chain. Be careful and always use a specially formulated chain lubricant to rub the chain.

Test the Battery

The consequences of a dead battery can be devastating for many bike owners This is precisely why it is so crucial as a step in bicycle maintenance. I remember having to push my bike many times because the battery died within the first few moments. Also, in case you have accessories that require extra power to run, you need your battery to be at its maximum. For example, I recently switched to some great gadgets that make me feel much safer than before.

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