Cleansing your vagina with feminine sprays and strong soaps can do you more harm than good. For you to have a healthy vagina, you need to avoid messing with your PH and make a point of cleaning using hot medium water.

After visiting the toilet ensuring you wipe front to back will prevent you from getting infections. Below are some tips to help you in keeping your vagina healthy.

Wear Cotton Underwear

cotton underwearCotton underwear allows the free flow of air through the fabric and it also dries quickly after washing. This, therefore, prevents the growth of unhealthy bacteria and yeast growth that leads to infections. Underwear made from silk, lace, synthetic and other materials does not breathe as well as cotton ones. If you like wearing underwear from other fabrics it’s advisable to make sure the section covering your vagina is cotton lined. Underwear made from untreated and undyed cotton or organic are good for ladies with tendencies of getting an infection.

Wash With Medium-Hot Water

The vagina has the ability to clean itself without the use of cleansers. Use of any soap to clean vagina is not the best way to keep it clean. Vagina like any other part of the body has a level oh PH that needs to be maintained to facilitate good bacteria growth and prevention of unhealthy bacteria. Use of harsh cleansers to clean vagina upsets PH balance causes irritation, infection and bad smell.

Avoid Douching

Douching is washing the vagina with water or a mixture of fluids to eliminate odors. Douching usually interferes with the levels of vagina PH, causing acidity reduction hence disrupting the vagina bacterial makeup. Whenever your vagina has unpleasant or strong odor seek medical assistance.

Avoid douching as it will not cure the problem but only cover up the smell. Don’t use cleansers or soaps inside the vagina or on the vulva as doing so will affect the healthy PH balance.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Following a nutritious balanced diet and drinking, lots of plenty of water a is key to reproductive and vaginal health. Certain foods are even effective in vaginal health problems treatment. Yogurt helps in yeast infections prevention and treatment. Cranberry supplements are very helpful if you are prone to getting urinary tract infections.

Practice Safe Sex

condom safe sexUse of condoms during sex aids in sexually transmitted infection protection. Some of those infections like genital herpes and HIV has no cure while others like human papillomavirus known to cause genital warts are cancerous. Always change condoms before switching from anal sex to vaginal or oral sex. This is to prevent harmful bacteria from entering into the vagina. Avoid sharing sex toys as this can spread STIs especially HPV.

Keep Good Menstrual Hygiene

It is very easy to forget to regularly change when using high-absorbency pads. Failure to change pads regularly during menstrual period lends to the occurrence of rashes, bacterial overgrowth, and genital prevent the development of there conditions, ensure you change your pad after every six to eight hours.

If using tampons, leaving them in for a long period of time increases a chance for toxic shock syndrome a very fatal condition. To avoid this change them at least five times a day. The fragrance chemicals, pesticide residues, and dioxins in sanitary pads and tampons pose a risk to endocrine and reproductive health.

Where vaginal health is concerned, always consult a doctor before trying new vaginal hygiene. Always visit a doctor immediately in case of a persistence itch for more than a week that turns to inflammation. It is advisable to have your cervix screened and checked for any abnormal changes.

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